Chief Executive Officer

Dhruv Sharma

Dhruv has experience within Private Equity, Real Estate, and Infrastructure Investing. Prior to establishing Marcena Capital Ltd, Dhruv was Asset Allocation Director at Strategic Assets Partners LLP (‘SAP’), a regulated Multi-Family Office with European and Asian Private Clients. In addition, over his investing career Dhruv has lectured at the University of London, supported several Foundations which in turn advance Science and Culture, published within Economics, and chaired several Investor Conferences. Dhruv earned his postgraduate studies from the London School of Economics. As CEO for the past five years, within Marcena Capital Ltd, Dhruv presides over Investment Allocation and Risk Selection, Fiduciary Advisory, and Strategy Execution.

  Investment Advisory Board

Michael Hecht

Michael is Director of Hecht Management, investing into core Real Estate and providing Advisory on Acquisition and Development. Previously, Michael invested for the Thyssen Family; and more latterly invested into Healthcare and Venture.

Olev Schults

Olev is one of the founders of Cresco, established in 1995. Cresco’s institutional arm is also a founding member of Tallinn SE and joint member of the Nasdaq Baltic Market. Olev’s investment remit is within Special Situations and Financial Technology.

Nicholas Frankopan

Nicholas is Managing Director of Oak Investment Management Group, a specialist Investment Advisory which invests and manages private assets across Europe. Previously Nicholas was at Wafra (beneficially owned by PIFSS from Kuwait), WW Advisors, and JO Hambro.

Osamu Hosokubo

Osamu was CEO of Japan Asia Investment Co., Ltd., founded in 1981 and a strategic pioneer in Japanese investment into Pan-Asian Private Investments. Osamu joined JAIC in 1989 and prior to this Osamu was with Nippon Trust Bank.

Investment Director

Wilfred van Opstal

Wilfred heads Asia for Marcena Capital Ltd with an allocation focus on Real Estate, Energy, and Private Equity Tech; Wilfred has been previously with ‘SAP’, ING, and Winterthur.

Shashank Sripada

Shashank has venture experience having founded ‘Bubblo’; prior to this Shashank worked at Oak IM, Family Office ‘SAP’, CIO of LSE Investment Society Fund, and Reliance Capital.

Mark Walenbergh

Mark, acting as CIO, has previous experience as Executive Director at Santander, Jefferies, and PIMCO. Mark has an institutional and asset management focus on Benelux.

Vice-President, Investment

Edin Buzuku

Edin founded Group Buzuku and is owner of Hollegro DOO. Edin was V-P at ‘SAP’ and Edin graduated in Economics from University of Belgrade.

Inna I. Bratakusuma

Inna has worked at Maybank Asset Management, ImQ Consulting, and Bank Bukopin in Indonesia. Inna graduated in Civil Law from Universitas Islam Nusantara.

Shruti Kanoria

Shruti has spent six years working under Marcena Capital Ltd and previously at ‘SAP’, a Multi-Family Office. Shruti graduated from the University of Mumbai.

Strategy and Philosophy

"All the great things are simple, and many can be expressed in a single word: freedom, justice, honour, duty, mercy, hope." Churchill.

Private Equity

We focus opportunistically in unique and selective private equity transactions and managers across geographies and sectors. Capitalising on opportunities which are resulting from evolving global trade and consumer dynamics and into businesses which satisfy basic needs and desires; unconstrained by deal size or duration. We also consider opportunities in complex, time-sensitive, and dislocated markets.

Real Estate

We capitalise on the various demand and supply dislocations across local markets. Our Property investment focus lies mostly within the UK and Western Europe, encompassing both Primary and Secondary Urban Centres. We seek a priori long term predictable 'bond-like' income streams, landmark properties in core locations, high quality tenants, and long term creditworthy leases.


Within Infrastructure, we aim to emphasize the long-term, stable, and cash-generating characteristics of the asset class both on the equity and debt fronts. We focus inter alia on projects where there are significant barriers to entry, contracted revenue streams, limited demand risk, and Inflation correlation. We look towards 'best in class' portfolio of assets and jurisdictions.


Our own Philanthropic Philosophy is to lead and implement within two specific areas which we know well: Primary Care Initiatives across India, but in particular within Central India; in addition, we are also engaged in Healthcare Funding in Europe, specifically in the UK to promote, develop, and encourage Research into the Diseases of the Kidney and Improvement of Renal Care.

Portfolio Allocation

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands but seeing with new eyes." Proust.

Private Equity

Real Estate


Primary and Direct

Country-Specific Strategies focussed upon Buyout, Turnaround, Venture, and Growth; key Ownership within unlisted Businesses in Technology, Industrials, and Consumer Services.


Residential and Commercial Developments; particular Exposure towards London, Paris, Scandinavia; mitigation of Construction Risk through contracting established Developers and Constructors.


Investments within natural, but open, Monopolies and formed by ‘Networks’; both virtual and real. Exposure from Aviation to disrupting old ‘Networks’, such as ‘Marketplaces’, Payments, and Energy.


Strategy buying into Direct Secondary Transactions, Private Equity Portfolios, and LP Positions; selling Drivers include Industry Regulation, Portfolio Restructuring/De-risking, Exogenous Shocks.

‘Bricks and Mortar’

Exposure on Commercial, Retail, and Residential Portfolios and Managers; with Secured and Solvent Underlying Tenants. We optimise Capitalisation Rates by working with pre-existing Operators and Managers.


Holdings within Logistics, B2C Telco and Media, and E-Commerce. Non-Core Monopoly Assets with contracted Revenues and acting as an ‘essential’ Distribution Service and Operator to its Niche.

Geographical Remit

"No man is an island entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main..." Donne.

Broadly, our Core Allocation Focus remains centered in Green upon Europe and Asia and selectively within Africa and the Americas. Peripherally and Opportunistically we seek and select within other Geographies; coloured in Chartreuse.